THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON loves to get SOCIAL with its clients and our job is to get your targeted audience SOCIAL with you…

At Thought For Food & Son, we understand that social marketing is all about influencing people and achieving a brand conversation that increases brand awareness, product acceptance and allows our clients to turn customers into brand advocates. Social marketing allows you to take advantage of social networks where your targeted audience shares ideas and congregates on the web. We help you identify and target key social influencers, social media platforms and online communities that are relevant to your brand and products.


Social Media Case Study

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Blogger Recipe Challenge


Healthy Solutions Spice Blends, an emerging food brand and maker of 16 distinct spice blends for beef, pork, poultry and seafood retained THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON to increase their social authority, generate product trial and create a community of brand advocates.

social-media-03Engagement Tactics
THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON developed and implemented Healthy Solutions Spice Blends’ first annual “Blogger Recipe Challenge” that was open to the first 100 qualified food bloggers. Qualified bloggers were directed to the Healthy Solutions Spice Blends’ website to enter and choose which spice blend they would use when creating their recipe. All recipes had to be made with one spice blend from Healthy Solutions Spice Blends. The first place winner would receive a cash prize of $500.00, the second place winner $100.00 and third place winner a full line of blends from Healthy Solutions Spice Blends. Recipes would be judge by their taste, visual appeal and creativity. To qualify, bloggers had to post their recipes on their food blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instragram accounts. Recipes were then e-mailed to Healthy Solutions Spice Blends for judging.

THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON generated blogger participation by designing Facebook graphics and Twitter using creative headlines and enticing food photos to raise awareness of the blogger recipe challenge. THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON also integrated traditional PR tactics to cast a wider net of participants.

social-media-04Bloggers were asked to send in personal photos of themselves which were then posted across Healthy Solutions Spice Blends social media platforms declaring, # ITookTheChallenge.

THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON drove 100 food bloggers to participate in the challenge from over 40 states and increased website traffic by 150% and drove over 900 pieces of user generated content. In addition, Healthy Solutions Spice Blends’ Twitter followers increased by 80% and Blogger social media participation generated over 700,000 impressions.

Big League Chew – Facebook Campaign

66070 BLC Kemp original

Big League Chew, the shredded bubble gum that comes in an assortment of big league flavors retained THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON to create and implement a three month brand strategy focused on influencing “Little Leaguers” and baseball fans from across the United States to assess the impact Facebook would have in increasing both brand awareness and product trial.

Engagement Tactics
THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON developed a comprehensive social media giveaway campaign that involved Caption it Tuesday, Like Raffles and Photo Fan Friday. Fans who participated were entered to win free Big League Chew gum pouches, Big League Chew gumballs and Big League Chew lollipops. THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON would then select winners each week and feature them on Big League Chew’s Facebook page and provide them with a “Big League Chew Shout Out.”

In a three month period, THOUGHT FOR FOOD & SON increased Big League Chew’s Facebook Fan base by 4,000 and increased post shared by 60%. Big League Chew’s website traffic saw an increase of 37% and on-line sales increased by 12% during the campaign.