Jerk Nation

Thought For Food & Son Designs One-of-a-Kind New Retail Packaging for Jerk Nation

Jerk Nation Launches a New Unique Line of One-of-A-Kind Season N’ Shake Beef Jerky Products

Thought For Food & Son, LLC, a leading creative boutique that specializes in the food industry announced today they have recently completed a design project for Jerk Nation. The design project consisted of designing the company’s new retail product packaging for its line of seven “Season ‘N Shake” beef jerky for entrance into the U.S. retail marketplace.

Thought For Food & Son’s objective was to design a retail package that would immediately impact consumers in a way that conveys the uniqueness of Jerk Nation’s Season N’ Shake beef Jerky. The new packaging is a first of a kind package that allows consumers to have an interactive beef jerky experience by offering an array of unique seasonings that are poured directly onto the beef jerky, and then shaken while still in its original package, instantly creating the best tasting beef jerky on the market today.

“Thought for Food & Son captured the true brand essence of our beef jerky with a truly amazing design that conveys the true intrinsic values of Jerk Nation. The packaging challenge was a task from the start, and Thought for Food & Son made the impossible happen by clearly creating a strong package that is sure to attract consumer’s attention to Jerk Nation,” explained Michael Mucci, President & Founder of Jerk Nation Snack Products.

Jerk Nation offers consumers a line of several “Season ‘N Shake” beef jerky products each with its own unique seasoning packet. Flavors include; Original Hot & Spicy, Paige’s Country BBQ, Fajita, Roasted Garlic & Herb, Mom’s Apple Pie, Wasabi and Soy and Zesty Chili Lime. The line is available in 3 oz. sealable pouches holding all natural beef jerky, along with a special top-compartment filled with nine grams of specialty seasoning uniquely prepared by Jerk Nation’s team of chefs.

“We believe that packaging design is a major strength of Thought For Food & Son. Our packaging design work for Cape Cod Select, Maristella’s Fine Foods, Rave Bites and Healthy Solutions Spice Blends are really making an impression within the retail marketplace,” said Ethan Casucci of Thought For Food & Son.

Thought For Food & Son offers its clients a proprietary PR FOOD MEDIA INDEX, an all-in-one strategic instrument that allows food companies to speak directly to their peer group, industry trade press, category buyers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers it wishes to sell its products, and even more importantly, to consumers it wishes to purchase its products. Thought For Food & Son’s proprietary PR FOOD MEDIA INDEX has over 100,000 media outlets across North America, complete with more than 300,000 staff listings and contact preferences.

Thought For Food & Son has worked with both large and small food companies such as Sea Watch International, famous Hollywood actor Paul Sorvino Foods, Maristella’s Fine Foods, Cape Cod Select, Beeler Pork, New York Ravioli & Pasta Company, 505 Southwestern Sauces, New England Natural Bakers, Healthy Solutions Spice Blends, SuperSeedz, Paesana Italian Products, Dell’s Maraschino Cherries, Aurora Products, Big League Chew and Divine Foods.

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