Thought For Food & Son Launches World Renowned French Bayonne Ham at the Summer Fancy Food Show

Specialities, Inc. Selects Creative PR Boutique Based Upon its Expertise and Knowledge of the Food Industry

Photo for Specialites TFFS Press Release pageThought For Food & Son, a leading creative PR boutique that specializes in the food industry announced today that Specialities, Inc. has selected their agency to launch the world renowned all natural French Bayonne Ham at this summer’s Fancy Food Show. The introduction of the Bayonne Ham completes the “Trilogy” of classic cured meats in the United States; Italian Prosciutto, Spanish Serrano and now the French Bayonne Ham. Thought For Food & Son has been retained to create brand awareness of the Bayonne Ham in the Metro New York area, San Francisco and the Seattle/Portland markets. Thought For Food & Son is responsible for all strategic planning, public relations and social media efforts in launching the classic air-cured ham.

“We are honored to be launching this world renowned French Bayonne Ham that is based upon such a rich heritage and history. To know that we are the first agency to be promoting the Bayonne Ham in the United States is really special,” said Alan A. Casucci, President & CEO of Thought For Food & Son.

A ham can only become a Bayonne Ham if it’s produced in the very specific, clearly defined areas of the Adour basin in the heart of French Basque for salting and South of France for rearing. All Bayonne Hams are assured by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since October 7, 1998 and is protected under the European Union PGI label. The PGI label informs consumers about the specific characteristics of products and protects their geographical names form imitation and usurpation. Bayonne hams have only four ingredients; specially-bred and fed French pigs (corn and cereals), salt from the natural springs deep beneath the Pyrenees Mountains, air and the most important ingredient, time.

Thought For Food & Son develops and implements integrated marketing campaigns using their proprietary PR FOOD MEDIA INDEX. A database that consist of over 100,000 media outlets with over 300,000 media contacts and 24/7 social media module that tracks clients social media in real time. Thought For Food & Son has built a reputation for their ability to create and implement integrated marketing campaigns that target all the influential audiences needed to place products into distribution and onto retailer shelves.

“We firmly believe for an agency to be truly effective, it must have a distinct knowledge and expertise in the areas in which their clients operate. Clients don’t have to pay us to learn their business. We know their business because like them, we operate in the food industry every day,” said Casucci.

Thought For Food & Son has worked with both large and small food companies such as Sea Watch International, famous Hollywood actor Paul Sorvino Foods, Healthy Solutions Spice Blends, Beeler Pork, Bakery On Main, 505 Southwestern Sauces, New York Ravioli & Pasta Company, Flavor Bombs, New England Natural Bakers, K&B Seafood, Raw Seafoods, Paterson Pickle Company, Rave Bites, Paesana, De Cecco Pasta, Dell’s Maraschino Cherries, Jerk Nation, Aurora Products, Big League Chew and Divine Foods. About Thought For Food & Son, LLC

Founded in 2005, Thought For Food & Son, LLC is a leading creative boutique that specializes in the food industry. We offer our clients a combination of expertise and value that is unsurpassed within the food industry. We’re a communications company without the traditional agency “BS.” Thought For Food & Son operates as a “Strategic Resource” for its clients offering public relations, advertising, packaging design, website development and brand development.

Our focus is to create communication strategies using our proprietary PR FOOD MEDIA INDEX for clients who believe in powerful thinking. Thinking that demands notice. The kind of thinking that inspires people to take action and enables our clients to grow and prosper.

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