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Geo-Targeting Campaign

A Social Media Geo-Targeting Campaign To Increase Weekly Turns at Selected Walmart Stores


Forget Takeout With Fortune Noodles

To increase weekly turns of Fortune Noodles newly slotted Yakisoba Noodle 3 packs and Yakisoba Teriyaki Noodles at Walmart stores in California, Texas, and Florida during off peak seasonal consumption of Asian noodles.


Thought For Food & Son’s approach began with identifying Fortune Noodle enthusiasts by analyzing JSL Foods’ Facebook consumer data and insights from past campaigns. Prioritizing Facebook and Instagram, we tailored messaging to reach the core audience most interested in Fortune Noodles. Our social persona aimed to foster genuine connections and introduce new consumers to Fortune Noodles. Campaign success was tracked through weekly turnover metrics at Walmart locations, comparing targeted with non-targeted areas. With a robust content strategy, we produced over 20 social media pieces weekly, focusing on raising awareness of new Walmart locations and enticing consumers to try Fortune Noodles. Our ad units were carefully crafted to reinforce key messaging, including recipe inspiration, visual storytelling, and geo-targeted ads. The outcome was increased product awareness leading to tangible in-store sales growth.
The Results

The #ForgetTakeout geo-targeting campaign was implemented for 12 weeks and was highly successful in increasing product awareness and driving product sales of Fortune Noodles across all Walmart Stores.

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Turns Per Week (Yakisoba Noodle 3 Packs)

Turns Per Week (Yakisoba Teriyaki Noodles)

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