Fortune Noodles

Social Media Campaign

An Influencer Campaign To Increase Consumer Engagement And Drive Sales of Fortune Noodles During The Off Peak Summer Months.


Cold Fortune Noodle Salads for Hot Summer Days!


Thought For Food & Son’s first step was to identify like-minded Fortune Noodle consumers based upon JSL Foods Facebook consumer interest selects and demographic information from past successful social media campaigns. We then prioritized Facebook and Instagram allowing us to maximize our messaging efficiency to consumers who matter the most to Fortune Noodles.

As part of our campaign strategy, Thought For Food & Son executed an influencer marketing campaign with Linna Eats and Plating & Pairings to increase consumer engagement and provide recipe inspiration for consumers in preparing cold Fortune Noodle Salads.

We also introduced the first Fortune digital coupon to drive retail traffic and give consumers a reason to purchase Fortune Noodles during the summer months.  In addition, social media content was created based upon our campaign of Cold Fortune Noodle Salads for Hot Summer Days to increase consumer engagement and influence consumers to purchase Fortune Noodles.

Our ad units supported key messaging that included linked posts for recipe inspiration, visual storytelling, geo-targeting ads that presented the new Fortune Noodle digital coupon for downloading to drive in-store sales.

The Results
The #fortunecoldnoodlesalads campaign was implemented for 8 weeks and was highly successful in increasing consumer engagement and driving sales of Fortune Noodles during the off peak summer months.





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