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A Social Media Campaign to Increase Traffic and On-Line Sales

A Social Media Campaign To Increase Traffic and Boost On-line Sales of Mountain High Organics Food Products on Amazon.


Going Organic Is A Natural Choice

Drive consumer traffic to increase sales of Mountain High Organics food products on Amazon.


Thought For Food & Son began by identifying organic food enthusiasts through targeted consumer interest selections on Facebook. Prioritizing Facebook and Instagram, we strategically tailored our messaging to resonate with Mountain High Organics’ core audience. Our social persona focused on empowering consumers to make wholesome choices for themselves and their loved ones. Generating substantial content, we curated over 12 social media pieces weekly, with specific posts optimized to drive traffic to Mountain High Organics’ product pages on Amazon. Our advertising units were thoughtfully crafted to amplify key messaging, featuring linked posts for recipe inspiration and visually captivating storytelling. This engaging approach aimed to inspire consumers to embrace Mountain High Organic food products on Amazon, presented in an enticing and enjoyable manner.
The Results
The #goingorganic campaign was implemented for 12 weeks and was highly successful in increasing sales of Mountain High Organic food products on Amazon by 12%.




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